Cushing Inventory Report

Using sophisticated aerial cameras we make measurements of the fluid levels
in oil tanks at Cushing, OK.* We capture on Fridays mornings and delivery you the data
at 9:45 am on Monday – weather permitting.  This is 2 days faster than the EIA.

Data on All Tanks

Data on oil fluid height is provided on each individual tank – more than 380 tanks at Cushing, Oklahoma.*

Fastest Report

Captured on Friday and delivered on Monday at 9:45am Eastern Time weather permitting.

Be First to Know

Data delivered 48 hours before the EIA report.  Know before everyone.


More accurate than the EIA because it isn’t based on surveys, doesn’t contain special adjustments, and is 100% of the tanks.

Visual Map

Includes map of tanks showing tank number, ownership, surface heights of tanks, and surface heights of oil fluid.*

Digital Format

Provided in Excel format and PDF that contains all information you need for more confident trading.


2 Days Ahead of the EIA

On Fridays we fly over the Cushing, OK oil tank farms and using aerial and infrared cameras we
take photos of the floating and fixed lid tanks. We make actual measurements of the fluid levels
which is better than a survey based report like the EIA or API.*

Data Captured

-Measurement Day for All

-We Release 2 Days Prior

Measurement day for EIA and us

  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday

We release data 2 days prior to the EIA

Released at 9:45 am Eastern Time

EIA Releases Data

10:30 am Eastern Time


Us vs EIA


  • Highly Accurate

    Based on a high resolution aerial
    images and 3D elevation models

  • Mandatory

    We deliver data to you regardless
    of oil storage companies' will

  • Untampered

    No adjustments are made to the final report
    after the fact for historical backtesting accuracy

  • Full Coverage

    We scan all of the oil tanks in an area
    giving you the full picture of the inventory

  • Consistency

    Consistent methods for taking measurements
    means more reliable week-to-week changes

  • Full Data

    Our report includes fluid levels of
    individual tanks & grouped according to ownership


  • Questionable Accuracy

    Based on a survey and the truthfulness,
    accuracy, and timeliness of the surveyee

  • Not Obligatory

    Voluntary to the extent a company is willing
    to pay a small fine or make reporting mistakes

  • Unreliable

    Can contain special adjustments & estimates. Also, it appears that
    others are getting advanced notice of release data & trading it

  • Partial Coverage

    States their aim is to cover 90% of the item being reported
    on meaning 10% of the market could be excluded

  • Inconsistent

    Has had large deviations from other reports. Is based on
    measurement methods that surveyees may change at any time

  • Incomplete Data

    Does not supply fluid levels of individual
    tanks or of owners of tanks


Benefits of This Report To You


Getting data faster allows you to know
what is happening before everyone else.

Highly accurate

More trading confidence. Knowing you have
an information advantage gives you confidence.

Low Entry Cost

Low cost if you sign up for our special
introductory pricing.


No Risk Pricing

Get it for just $999/month and your first month
(4 weekly reports) is free. This $999/month offer is only good for a limited time and may increase without notice. So sign up today and start receiving value.

Standard Pricing

$1299 Per Month

Cushing Oil Field Report

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*Liquid volume is not provided. We only report surface heights (digital elevations) of tanks and surface heights of oil fluid and in some cases various geospecific features including buildings, agriculture flora, and flood water heights after natural disasters.

†Subscribers on the special introductory price or a free trial only receive the overall levels and not granular company level reports.